Domestic Violence

We are Empowering people to make a difference


Based in Bolton, and across Lancashire, we provide holistic support to help build the confidence of women and girls form Black, Asian, and Minority communities. We have an established relationship with over 120 women, who have put their trust in our work and our health and well-being programmes. We host a wide range of community activities including Physical Exercise Programs, Awareness Workshops that focus on domestic abuse and building family resilience, Coffee Mornings, Days Out and Art/Music Therapy.

Domestic abuse from a BME perspective

About the Community Foundation for Lancashire

The Community Foundation for Lancashire is an independent charity which promotes local giving to address local disadvantage. They help individuals, families, companies, charitable trusts and public sectors bodies to connect, support and invest in communities across Lancashire.


Our Mission

  • Empower Women who may not have the confidence to speak out.
  • To support BME women towards independence trough building confidence.
  • Provide social, cultural and recreational activities to overcome isolation and provide informal support.
  • Enhance well-being.
  • Provide pathways to employment.
  • Engaging peer support.


Service Users Statement

Service User
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“How is it possible to self-isolate in a shared house with seven adults, a controlling husband and 6 children where you share a toilet and bathroom, do as you are told and cannot move freely? And because we have to stay at home, I cannot access my well-being hub at the Cobden Cente. We get benefits, but my husband spends most of it on takeaways and cigarette. I can’t get personal hygiene product, needed for myself and my 2 teenage daughters. The money we have is hardly enough to eat for the whole week. And there is no way we can take help from any other person. I haven’t had credit on my phone for four to five days. No calls are possible if you run out of credit. You have to wait for people to call you. ”
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