Our Workshops

Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness Workshops

Providing Cultural and Language Appropriate Awareness and Empowerment Support Hub.

An honest Discussion

It is about time we did something that is well overdue within the BAME communities. An honest discussion about domestic violence.

What society as a whole is secretly aware of, is that both men and women can be violent. We all know this. We have all witnessed it. Yet we are uncomfortable discussing it on a public platform, or in an open space.

How we can help you with family and domestic Abuse concerns

  • Work skills training Opportunities: English/Maths/Computer Skills Level 1 courses.
  • Support in accessing services such as benefits/housing.
  • Weekly Health and well-being activities: Light exercise, Yoga, Arts and Crafts, Coffee Morning.
  • 1-1 Counselling Service
  • Confidence Building Sessions
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