Changing life directions is a Non-Profit Organisation which in partnership with the community, aims to enrich the quality of life for residents of all ages by providing educational opportunities, raising awareness of health and well-being, training volunteers and engaging communities.

Our History

Changing Life Directions has been helping people facing some of the most challenging circumstances for over 4 years.

We began as a small Aged Care company providing home help and befriending services to older people in East Lancashire and North Yorkshire called First Response Support Services, after 3 years of  helping people who were experiencing difficulty managing daily living task  daily through our out-reach care support services on a 1-1 care program.

In 2018 we began to look at supporting the hard-to-reach communities living with Mental Illness and in Social Isolation due to a number of personal and social barriers. We began to tailor services to work with people who lack understanding and awareness of Mental Illness, Dementia and Domestic Abuse on a preventative model.

Since then, our services have expanded in both provision and geography. We are now operating across the Bolton, Rochdale, Salford and East Lancashire.

We re-branded as Changing Life Direction and registered as a non-profit organization in March 2019. Throughout our nearly 4 of operation, our core purpose has never changed. We are here to help people who are most in need, and today we are delivering support to over 300 people on a weekly basis, tackling social exclusion supporting men and women rebuild their lives following Domestic Abuse and violence, helping women integrate into the wider society and  improving the lives of the future generation, our support packages and projects are aimed at building better opportunities for all, in every form.

At Changing Life Directions, we are walking by your side.



The Changing Lives Directions  executive team makes sure our strategic ambitions align with the day-to-day operations of the organization. Our team includes a wide range of skills gathered from the adult social care field, psychologists and mental health practitioners.


Sue Pinner

Sues experience covers working in mental health as a Nurse manager across East Lancashire. Sue has also been involved in project management within the voluntary and private social care services. These have included Blackburn with Darwen CCG. Her early career was shaped in the private sector, with a financial and business background, working through to become Chief Executive for a growing charity. As Chief Executive of Changing Lives Sue feels privileged to work with people who want to see real change and make a real difference to others in a time of a crisis.

Zara Naveed

Regional Manager
Starting out as a Social Care worker, Zara, has worked in the voluntary sector over the last 18 months. Following success completion of work placement and leadership and management course in social care she will manage the overall running of the organization. Before joining Changing Lives Directions, Zara was working with brain injured adults on a 1-1 part-time basis whilst completing her post graduate degree in Psychology. Zara volunteered as a community engagement officer for a charity in Burnley before studying towards the management role she has at Changing Life Directions. She is also currently training as a BACP registered counsellor. In the near future, Zara will be developing and managing the new domiciliary care service and residential care services in 2021. Zara has developed particular expertise in developing projects to support men and women who are socially isolated, raising awareness of mental health and supporting victims of domestic violence rebuild their lives with specialist experience in providing support to meet cultural and language needs. Through leadership of a team of support worker, work placement and volunteers.

Caroline Platt

Caroline began her career working with European Structural Funds and with the Training and Enterprise Councils in 1995-time ESF and ERDF she managed the TEC sector had their own allocation to further skills and enterprise across Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria. Caroline has over 15 experience of working within the charity sector
My approach
I believe in a shared goal and vision. I work with you to understand your why and purpose and short and long-term goals.

Mr Mohammed Ramzan

Director of Innovation and Policy

Mr John Abiola

Head of operations / IT Management

support us and let's together make a change in the community!

Fit4Life Project

We are celebrating the opening of our new Women's only Fitness, Health and Well-being Centre.


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